Creating and editing MySQL DB Dumps

The following information contains the commands required to create a DB dump of your database. It also gives the commands to export your database to your new database. The information required to edit the copy of your database by replacing information is […]

MySQL Command cheat sheet

MySQL Getting started: Related tutorials: MySQL-CLI Analyzing Business Metrics SQL joins infografic Tools: DataGrip Sequel Pro Commands Access monitor: mysql -u [username] -p; (will prompt for password) Show all databases: show databases; Access database: mysql -u [username] -p [database] (will […]

What Is MySQL?

MySQL is a popular Database system launched in 1995 by Swedish Company My SQL AB. It is written in C and C++ and is frequently used in web hosting environments and forms the ‘M’ in the acronym ‘LAMP’ (i.e. Linux, Apache, MySQL, […]

WordPress FTP error

So I ran into an issue trying to install a new theme. Upon selecting install, I a page popped up asking me to enter my FTP credentials. Weird, I cant remember setting any credentials. Anyway, I managed to fix the issue by […]

What’s a Kernel?

Each operating system uses a kernel. Without a kernel, you can’t have an operating system that actually works. Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux all have kernels, and they’re all different. It’s the kernel that also does the grunt work of the […]

What is PHP?

Whenever anyone is learning PHP, the most common questions that first come up are: What is PHP? And how does it work? It is precisely these questions we will look at in this lesson. It’s a big help to understand such basics […]

Full configuration Example

nginx.conf user www www; ## Default: nobody worker_processes 5; ## Default: 1 error_log logs/error.log; pid logs/; worker_rlimit_nofile 8192; events { worker_connections 4096; ## Default: 1024 } http { include conf/mime.types; include /etc/nginx/proxy.conf; include /etc/nginx/fastcgi.conf; index index.html index.htm index.php; default_type application/octet-stream; log_format main […]