If you not seeing your instances in the SSM management console, I would recommend looking at the prerequisites seen here:

Prerequisites for using Systems Manager

  1. Create an AWS account and configure the required IAM roles.
  2. Verify that Systems Manager is supported in the AWS Regions where you want to use the service.
  3. Verify that you are using supported machine types that run a supported operating system.
  4. For EC2 instances, create an IAM instance profile and attach it to your machines.
  5. For on-premises servers and VMs, create an IAM service role for a hybrid environment.
  6. Verify that you are allowing HTTPS (port 443) outbound traffic to the Systems Manager endpoints.
  7. (Recommended) Create a VPC endpoint in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud to use with Systems Manager.
  8. On on-premises servers, VMs, and EC2 instances created from AMIs that are not supplied by AWS, install a Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate.
  9. For on-premises servers and VMs, register the machines with Systems Manager through the managed instance activation process.
  10. Install or verify installation of SSM Agent on each of your managed instances.

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