So you’re trying to use eksctl to create an eks cluster but getting the following error “VpcLimitExceeded”. 2021-03-31 10:46:46 [✖] unexpected status “ROLLBACK_COMPLETE” while waiting for CloudFormation stack “eksctl-myeks1-cluster” 2021-03-31 10:46:46 [ℹ] fetching stack events in attempt to troubleshoot the root cause […]

How to access RDP over SSH tunnel

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) helps to get a nice graphical connection to a remote computer. But it also help attackers, that compromised such computer, to get a connection to this remote computer. Usually, companies protect such non-exposed systems by firewall and NAT […]

How to redirect HTTP to HTTPS Using .htaccess

Chrome and Firefox have started showing insecure warnings on sites without SSL certificates. Without SSL, your website will show insecure to the visitors. Therefore, using an SSL-encrypted connection for safety, accessibility or PCI compliance reasons is necessary. It becomes very important to […]


What if I told you there is a Perl script that will comb through your Apache setup and report back crucial improvements that can be made to your configuration? The script is apache2buddy.pl (a fork of apachebuddy), and it can do more for your […]

How to Install Python 3.7

Step 1 – Requirements This Python installation required GCC compiler on your system. Login to your server using ssh or shell access. Now, use the following command to install prerequisites for Python before installing it. yum install gcc openssl-devel bzip2-devel libffi-devel Step […]

How to Read Linux Iostat’s Output and Interpret System Performance

Source : https://www.xaprb.com/blog/2010/01/09/how-linux-iostat-computes-its-results/   The primary tool for inspecting Linux disk performance is iostat. The output includes many important statistics, but they’re difficult for beginners to understand. This article explains what they mean and how they’re calculated. I usually run iostat like this: […]

How to create and use Linux aliases

  Source : https://alvinalexander.com/blog/post/linux-unix/create-aliases   Unix/Linux aliases FAQ: Can you share some example of the Linux alias command, as well as some alias command examples? Using Linux aliases Aliases in Unix and Linux operating systems are cool. They let you define your own commands, or command […]