Introduction to Networking


Okay, so if you are new to networking you probably found yourself googling terms such as Protocols and Subnetting to name a few and have wondered to this page. I once found myself at this stage at which point I was completely new to networking, getting lost as I found it hard to understand certain things such as protocols. I then found this page after viewing several videos available on Youtube and google as a whole, created by “TheNewBoston” who gives you a full 101 on the basics of computer networking which definitely made life easier. If you are new to networking, I would strongly recommend watching his videos. Additionally, all his videos are short and straight to the point which makes it even better. The topics he covers are the following:

-What is a computer network

-Types of networks



-Parts of a network

-How the internet works


-Clients and hosts

-Network interface card

-What is a protocol


-Types of networking topologies

-OSI model

-Moderm, routers and switches

-How binary code works

-IP addresses


I have included the first video below which will list all other videos mentioned above. If you have time, I would also suggest subscribing to his channel which covers a broad range of other topics which may be useful to you.


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