Namespaces and Cgroups

Namespaces and cgroups are Linux Kernel features which Docker uses in order to provide the basic functionality of running containers. It is important to have a basic understanding of these concepts in order to have a general idea of how Docker works. In this lesson, we will discuss namespaces and cgroups. We will talk about what they are and how Docker uses them in order to provide container functionality.

Relevant Documentation

Docker Engine uses namespaces such as the following on Linux:

The pid namespace: Process isolation (PID: Process ID).
The net namespace: Managing network interfaces (NET: Networking).
The ipc namespace: Managing access to IPC resources (IPC: InterProcess Communication).
The mnt namespace: Managing filesystem mount points (MNT: Mount).
The uts namespace: Isolating kernel and version identifiers. (UTS: Unix Timesharing System).

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